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Meet the Team

While working as an inner-city public school teacher, Maurice “Raheem” Mander created a comic book entitled Surian Seed. This comic book was filled with African-American heroes and heroines as a vehicle to help inspire and educate his students. Raheem subsequently self-published thousands of copies of Surian Seed and sold out of every copy every place he went. 

In 2022, Raheem partnered with fellow HBCU grads and his Morehouse brothers Ronald Sullivan, Raynal “Shaka” Harris, Jr., and

Adisa Iwa to develop Surian Seed into a TV, Film, and merchandising franchise called HBCU Superheroes


HBCU Superheroes tells the story of superheroes who matriculated from various Historically Black Colleges and Universities. These Black men and Black women use their powers to battle threats of all kinds within urban communities while also fighting against otherworldly beings who are determined to take over Earth.  

Isaiah, a Morehouse-educated high school teacher, awakens to learn he has acquired superpowers. Within days, his siblings reveal they have special abilities too. As they assume secret identities to unleash their skills to fight crime, they become targets of street villains and other hidden terrors in their city. They have also unknowingly incurred the wrath of a specialized combat race of aliens called Surrians, from whom their powers emanate. Now, Isaiah and his siblings’ very existence has put Earth in peril, and everything they believed to be true about their family unravels.

Ajamoo Raheem KMT


Raynal "Shaka" Harris


Adisa Iwa


Ronald Sullivan

Executive Producer

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