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  • Dr. Mike Robinson

Parent Talk Live “Raheem” Mander​ Comic Book Creator and Graphic Novelist with a Passion for Changin

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Joining Dr. Mike Robinson, host of Parent Talk Live to discuss his work as a comic book creator and author of the graphic novel Surian Seed Raheem Mander. Maurice R. Mander is co-owner of Montsho Apparel: Conscious Clothing, a t-shirt company, and CEO of Superhero, Inc., a consultant company that uses comics and art to promote youth development. In 2009, with a BA in History (Morehouse College) and MA in African-American History (Morgan State University), Mander used his vast experience as an educator and child and family therapist to co-author the Eastern North Philadelphia Youth Services Coalition’s Graphics Arts and Comic Book Course, which was approved by the School District of Philadelphia as a credit-bearing course in the Arts and Humanities. Not only does the course teach art, but it also promotes self-esteem and character development among youth.

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