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Ajamoo Raheem KMT

Creator and Writer Mander, who holds a masters from HBCU Morgan State University in addition to his Morehouse degree, says “The most powerful footnote we can leave behind is our creativity and knowledge that benefits the world.”

Mander is the CEO of Asatainaya, LLC, a company that uses comics and art to promote youth development. With a BA in History (Morehouse College) and MA in African-American History (Morgan State University), Mander used his vast experience as an educator and child and family therapist to co-author the Eastern North Philadelphia Youth Services Coalition’s Graphics Arts and Comic Book Course, which was approved by the School District of Philadelphia as a credit bearing course in the Arts and Humanities.  Not only does the course teach art, but it also promotes self-esteem and character development among youth. Mander is the Creator, Writer and Publisher of Surian Seed: HBCU Superheroes. 

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